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by on Feb.06, 2011, under Modelling

Well. It’s been…some time, yes?

As is, perhaps, to be expected, I managed to forget that whole “concentrate on an army” promise within a month of committing it to electronic record, and toddled off to the loving arms of a newly-invigorated WARMACHINE, and have spent the intervening years pinging between games, systems and armies in a way that’s disturbingly par for my particular course.

Back I am, though, starting with a little conversion on the hot-off-the-molds Stormraven kit. I know, I know, “Blood Angels and Grey Knights only” and all, but almost all of my play experience takes place within the looser framework Apocalypse, and I wanted a Stormraven, damnit. Despite the initially ugly “leaked” picture, the kit’s grown on me to the point wherein the questionable nature of its in-game effectiveness is hardly an afterthought. This is something to play with.

The kit’s most obvious issue is the fact that it’s supposed to be able to transport a Dreadnought, which the kit itself seems to resolve by making a Chapter’s oldest and most venerated members windsurf behind a combat shuttle, but that’s a matter I’ll be getting to later. For tonight, I’m actually addressing something that only seems to nag me, which is the fact that having a servitor manning the main guns of a Stormraven seems a tad ridiculous. When you’re zooming through a combat zone, dodging mountain-shattering ballistics, you really don’t want your gunner to be a third-rate hive criminal whose grey matter’s been replaced with a Mac SEII and some recycled Star Wars targeting software. You are a Space Marine, and you damn well want another Space Marine putting holes in the enemy.

With that in mind, I took these bits from the Rhino sprue (if you play Space Marines, you have over three-thousand of these sitting around. It’s the law), and with a bit of chopping, fit him snugly into the space that the Servitor used to take up. A small job, but someone’s got to do it.

Here’s a little gallery/instruction manual. Enjoy!

More updates as they come in. Projects on the horizon, surprises in store. Stay tuned.

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