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by on Apr.13, 2012, under Fiction, Misc.

Well, clearly, I haven’t been doing much with this site for some time – campaigns that’ve required other armies to pop up have pre-empted work here. No promises on when/if updating will resume (much as it’s ever existed…), but there’ll be one hell of a makeover for the occasion.

Anyway, it’s been known for a bit that the Aurora Chapter – along with several others – would be getting a set of official decals from GW, and now they’ve arrived! More, they’ve taken over the GW home page today! Fun little thing to see. Between this, the newly-available Storm Eagle and a big expansion of greens in GW’s new paint range, it’s a pretty good time for anyone looking to play the Boys From Firestorm.

One more tidbit – the Aurora Chapter has a cameo in Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s Void Stalker, which was just released in e-book form, and will be in bookstores soon. Besides the Aurora action, it’s the closer to one of the most amazing pieces of fiction to ever be set in the 40K universe. Cannot┬árecommend┬áthem enough, and the same goes for A D-B’s other works.

Stay green, boys and girls.

The Aurora Chapter