Baby Steps

by on Apr.19, 2009, under Painting

So, here are some work-in-progress pictures of my first Aurora Chapter squad – their Company and Squad Number have yet to be decided.

Bases are next, along with Aurora Chapter decals, which should hopefully be forthcoming.

  • guscrennan

    Awesome. Im also starting an Aurora army in Sydney based around their armoured heritage ie LR and Predator preferences. Love your work so far, keep it up.

  • Mebrind

    Awesome work, I'm also just finishing off my first aurora tactical squads, it's always good to find more likeminded people (we even have a similar coloru scheme, the darker green that people confuse for salamanders waaaaay to often lol).

  • Name

    make an update!!!

  • Marlon Schäfer

    Wonderful. I am a fan of this caphter for years. Right now I am starting a Aurora Army in Germany (Karlsruhe). “Our” chapter grows and grows. Maybe you want to stay in touch with me? would be nice.

    Marlon from Germany

  • Blub

    do you have your information about die Aurora Chapter discribed on this site from any original Gw source, or did you work the background yourself? Please Mail me your answer.
    Btw: Pics look gread, but think about an update, april is over a long time ago.

  • skippster01

    hi i have 4 companys of the Aurora marines chapter 3,4,5 and the 10th have been painting them for 10 years now i am hoping to finish them next years still got a lot to paint if you want i willpost some pics of them

  • how about some more pics

  • Mullet

    Im starting A aurora Chapter, was wondering what your list might look like..?

  • Mullet

    Im starting A aurora Chapter, was wondering what your list might look like..?

  • Ulfast

    Lexington, time for update and more comics too! 😀

  • Inaku

    Hi, Ive been putting some savings together for an Aurora Chapter army for the new 'Spearhead' Rules in the White Dwarf, and now Posted on the GW Website. I really liked the green youv'e given your Squad, could you share some painting Tips?


  • Jonathan Palermo

    I have been collecting Aurora Chapter since 2nd edition and have amassed well over 4,000 pts. Always got lots to paint, at the moment I am working on a thunderhawk and a forge world Space Marine.

    Just a tip. The painting scheme for the chest eagles is plain bone and was documented as such in Codex: Ultramarines.
    Good luck!

  • AllVoicesAnonymous

    Wow, another reminder that research pays off.  😉

    Though I’m prepping a Disciples of Caliban army for WargamesCon, I’ve decided after that to go back to a ‘Dex: SM army and play Aurora (5th Company) after WGC ’12 wraps, since I’ve always liked the theme behind them and their heraldry.  Since I’m almost completely unfamiliar with the new lines, what are your recommendations on colors to use painting them?

  • To get this particular shade? No clue. My old mix for their base was 50/50 Dark Angels Green/Bad Moon Yellow. I’m terrified of trying to make it with the new range, since it took some real work to finally come up with a mix I liked.

    The Auroras are the example army given in the new GW painting book, so if you like the shades they’ve got, I’d recommend picking it up. 🙂

The Aurora Chapter